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Teacher Killings Bring Shocking School Violence Numbers To Light

Jonas responded that he expects the two projects to serve different clientele, with his being transit-oriented young professionals seeking a lower price-point than Onion Flats. He was adamant that he would rent to college-aged partiers. Jonas also polled residents about what they'd like to see happen on the site. Senior housing and mixed-commercial usage were both mentioned. Jonas was open to the potential for senior housing, but Chris Wood, also from HOW Properties, said that they had not received any interest from potential vendors.

Kaminsky got a standing ovation from the appreciative crowd after setting the record, and some good-natured heckling after the game from teammates Dekker and Traevon Jackson (14 points, eight assists). Lost in the excitement over Kaminsky's outburst his previous career high was 19 was a subpar defensive effort for the Badgers, who had trouble containing North Dakota off the dribble. Or Huff from anywhere on the court, for that matter. Given that Huff is from Milwaukee, and his mother, Theresa Huff, is Wisconsin women's basketball career rebounding leader, it would make sense that Huff would want to play well in Madison.

He currently serves as vice chairman of the townships zoning board, as well. He estimated there were between 300 and 450 out-of-district students attending the district without authorization, a relatively new concern that never came up during his time on the board 16 years ago. The things that are happening today didnt happen then, Celentano said. Nobody wants to put a kid out on the street, but the law says youre entitled to go to school where you reside. When asked what issues she was prepared to tackle in January, Kelly said her main goal was to make sure the board remained focused on the task ahead.

May 2012: Seattle, Wash. Friends, family and employees react after a shooting at Cafe Racer in Seattle on May 30, 2012. A lone gunman killed four people Wednesday -- three were shot to death at a cafe, and a fourth in a carjacking. The gunman later killed himself.

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